Announcement: Is Sizegenetics Penis Extender For You? – Comprehensive Review

Published in Sizegenetics on 12th January 2014

Bigger is always better. This mantra is one that most men subscribe to, especially when in comes to penis size. Unfortunately, not all men have won in the genetic lottery, so many have to contend with the fact they have an average or small penis. For many years, the only potential solution to this problem is taking penis enlargement pills that are laced with all sorts of ingredients that are supposed to increase length and girth. However, as many unhappy men found out, these pills turned out to be expensive disappointments.

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender have been introduced to the market via the internet and has created a lot of buzz due to its claims. Men who are contemplating on purchasing this product should make it a point to find out its advantages as well as disadvantages before making a final decision. The comprehensive product review that follows would allow potential customers to make an informed choice about SizeGenetics.

What is SizeGenetics?

This device is a penis extender, which is designed to not only increase length but add girth as well. Unlike most other penis enlargement products in the market (oral pills and supplements), SizeGenetics penis extender is used directly on the penis in order to gain results.

How Does the SizeGenetics Penis Extender Work?

This device works in the same manner as free weights for muscle training. The penis traction device causes the cells in the Corpora Cavernosa to duplicate on a rapid rate, which in effect increases the size of the organ. The penis extender is assembled and adjusted accordingly (and gradually) in order to allow for maximum growth.

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Product Features, Benefits, and Inclusions

Natural Approach to Penile Enlargement

This process does not involve the use of any drug or procedure, which may pose immediate and/or long term adverse effects to a person’s health. SizeGenetics merely uses the existing potential a man’s penis already have and apply the right technique to maximize it.

The 16-Way Comfort System

Among the goals of the geniuses behind SizeGenetics is to keep the process of penile enlargement as pleasant as possible. There are 16 different ways to wear this device, each of which provides comfort without reducing the full effects of the product. The 16-way comfort strap includes the following items:

Silicone Noose – This effectively sheaths the underside of the penis head firmly, which provides an upward thrust toward the head.

Comfort Strap – This adds more comfort to SizeGenetic users, especially those who do not feel sufficiently at least with the silicone noose. The strap covers a larger portion of the penis as opposed to just the head, which most men find more comfortable.

Protection Pad – This provides added cushion for the penis if/when the comfort strap or noose are not enough to provide comfort while wearing the gear.

Fabric Covered Latex Head Grip – This prevents chaffing and rubbing against the silicone noose. It is particularly helpful to men with an extra sensitive penis.

Non-Slip Protech Matt Strap – Slippage sometimes occurs when wearing the extender device, which can be a tad uncomfortable. This strap ensures that slippage is held to a minimum in order to prevent chaffing and/or rubbing.

Medical Grade Materials

Since the penile enlargement process involves working directly on the penis, the creators of SizeGenetics made sure that only high quality medical grade materials are used to manufacture every item included in the product package. This is a relevant factor to consider for prospective SizeGenetics users because they can rest easy knowing their manhood is safe from any potential damage.

Detailed and Specific Instructions are Provided

Naturally, most men would be apprehensive towards the idea of using a traction device on their penis. This concern is properly addressed by the instructional DVD that is included in all thee SizeGenetics packages. Users of this device will never have to guess as to what they should do next because all instructions are provided along with a step-by-step video manual.

Photographic Proof of Results

Visiting the main website for this product is a must for all prospective buyers. The website has a number of before and after photos that demonstrate just how effective SizeGenetics can be. This is perhaps among the most definitely proofs that anyone can find as regards the merits of this product.

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3 Packages to Choose From

While some men are willing to shell out as much money as it takes to get the extra inches they want, others may be apprehensive about the cost of SizeGenetics. The three different packages offered to customers allow those who are on a budget to still avail of the potential benefits of the penis extender.

The cheapest of the 3 packages is the Budget Option, which only includes the Budget Device and the instructional DVD. On the other hand, the Ultimate Package System has all the basics plus a great number of additional items that would enhance the experience and make it more pleasant.

Some of the bonuses offered to buyers include instructional videos for better sexual performance, leather travel case (for the extender), PenisHealth Online Access and How To DVDs (for longer and better orgasms, longer erections, etc)

Money Back Guarantee and Discount Code

This is perhaps the most attractive inducement for potential customers. Anyone who orders SizeGenetics have up to 180 days (6 months) to decide whether or not they are happy with the results. A guarantee this long is quite rare especially for online products, which is an indication that this product might just be the real deal.

A $50 discount is also offered to customers in the form of a code (World50). This is a significant price reduction, especially for those who will opt for the Ultimate Package.

Potential Drawbacks

Minor Discomfort is Unavoidable

Just as people undergoing muscle training can expect body pain at the end of every session, men who intend to use SizeGenetics Penis Extender should prepare themselves for some discomfort. While there are a number of items that can be used to minimize users’ discomfort, there is no escaping the fact that penile traction is never a leisurely walk in the park. However, considering the excellent customer feedback on this product, it would appear that the results very well outweigh the disadvantages.

Varying Results

Some men can get as much as 5 inches (or more) in added length or girth, while others may only get an inch or so. This is largely due to several factors that can affect penis enlargement. Race and age are two of the most relevant factors, both of which can neither be altered nor manipulated.

Verdict and Recommendation

By far, SizeGenetics is the most promising penile enlargement product today. The process involves a straightforward approach to penis enhancement, which does not confuse customers or give them any false hopes. Those who do not mind spending good money and experiencing some physical nuisance should definitely consider getting this device.

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