SizeGenetics results are positive and life-changing

Published in Sizegenetics on 12th January 2014

SizeGenetics Results

It can be frustrating when you feel like you don’t have the goods. It makes you more self-conscious about how you interact with the opposite sex. It might hold you back and keep you from connecting with promising females. People say the SizeGenetics results are displayed on an award-winning website called penishealth and other places on the Internet.

The product was created for men who want to increase their penis’s girth and length. The SizeGenetics system uses two different combinations that have been medically backed and prove SizeGenetics results. The results astound some people, especially once they hear about what other men experience.

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What Is SizeGenetics?

SizeGeneticsThe SizeGenetics device is Andro-Medical, which is considered a clinically proven traction tool. The device was created to fit the male’s penis and provides a gentle push upon the penis, increasing the girth and length of this important part of the body. The force then increases space in the penis’ tissue cells, and the body then starts multiplying cells and filling in the open spaces. The traction method is one that’s been used by different males for countless centuries, at least if they wanted certain parts of their body to grow. It’s why SizeGenetics results are normally positive, especially if the user uses it correctly and for the right amount of time.

“My partner has also noticed a ‘sizable’ difference when we make love. Not only has SizeGenetics increased my erections, it has also increased my control. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to be happy as I am! Thank you SizeGenetics!”

– Tracy Ford,

Tested by Doctors

SizeGenetics results have been backed by five doctors practicing at the University of Milan. The results were validated by this group, as they followed testing subjects for a 24-week period. This is why the device carries a CE mark of approval and has its certification for a type 1 medical device. It is obvious the system and method have been successful.

SizeGenetics Results

People discovered that the longer they wore the penis extender, the better their overall results. The length could be increased by just 13 percent in 8 weeks. The next 8 weeks another 6 percent increase was experienced, which means the male experienced a 19-percent gain. There were even 24-percent gains recorded. Best of all, there were no side effects and the gain was permanent.

“I started using your traction device in late February. At that time my erections measured at 6”. After the first month, I noticed an increase in blood flow. Now four months later, I have gained 1” on my erect measurements! I’m completely satisfied with your product and will continue to use to get even more gains!”

–          Pete Kershaw,

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Penis Health Improves

SizeGeneticsThere are lots of benefits for using this size genetics system, as it comes with an award-winning database created for penis health. The bonus package has over 300 different exercises and videos to help:

  • Improve performance and stamina during sexual activity
  • Improve penis size by three inches
  • Learn ways to stop premature ejaculation
  • Find out how to create more powerful orgasms and harder erections

This shows the SizeGenetics results and why it’s been medically backed.

Buy SizeGenetics

The best place to get this penis extender is from the actual website, especially when there’s a discount coupon offered on the site. The company also offers a six-month guarantee to anyone who purchases the product, which says something about what they believe – they have put their complete trust in this penis extender and want to change men’s lives for the better.

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